UAL Afro-Caribbean Society stickerUALACS is University of the Arts London African Caribbean Society run by students – for students. This academic year of 2014, UALACS has been revamped with a fresh emphasis on African Caribbean cultural education through various mediums such as music, fashion, arts and media. We hope to inspire our members with our guest speaker events, as well as provide a platform for their views to be heard, network and socialise within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

UALACS is a dynamic Liberation society striving to close the lack of diversity gap underrepresented students face. We welcome students from different social, ethnic, cultural backgrounds. As long as you have an interest in African/Caribbean culture or eager to learn about it – this is the society for you.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here

Welcome message from Kai Lutterodt – UALACS President:

IMG-20120504-WA0000Hi everyone and welcome to your UALACS blog. I’m very excited to be the new President of UALACS. Last year I was fortunate to experience some of the great events ACS organised – thanks Molly for setting the bar high.

As well as being the ACS president, I’m also a Student Ambassador (you might see me helping out at LCC open days), training to be a peer mentor, and need I forget – a 2nd year BA Journalism student.

This year we have some fresh ideas to make the ACS bigger, better and stronger than it’s ever been! I’ll be using my journalism experience to network with local business and organisations for sponsorship, contact guests speakers within the Arts, Music, Fashion and Media industries to inspire us, and plan lots of dynamic events at our six colleges and outside of them. Not to mention putting my love of blogging to good use – if you like the blog, please comment!

And if all that doesn’t excite you – we’ll be fundraising throughout the year for a trip to the island of Hispaniola – where the “new world” began (there’s a bit of history for you!) In summer 2015 we’ll volunteer in Haiti and also cross over the border into the Dominican Republic (both countries share the same island). We believe in giving back and there’s no better way than inspiring underpriveldged children.

It’s only £5 membership fee for the academic year… That’s less than a bag of fish and chips! Remember you don’t have to be of African/Caribbean heritage to join. We’re inclusive of all nationalities – especially as the name “African Caribbean” doesn’t cover the whole African-dispora (but that’s for a later argument!) We strongly believe in diversity and equality – how else will we understand and learn from each other?

There’ll be lots going on and we’d love to hear from you! Ideas/suggestion/comments are always welcome. Don’t forget – if you see me in the UAL hallways say hi – I don’t bite (unless you’re a walking bar of chocolate!)

Here’s to making UALACS ’14 the strongest it’s ever been and bridging the lack of diversity gap within UAL. Have a great academic year and see you soon.

Kai Lutterodt x




Do you rep’ UALACS? Support our cause and help us fundraise for our volunteering trip to Haiti Summer 2015. Click here for our e-store.


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